Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Noodles The Old Fashioned Way

While visiting my daughter over Mother’s Day, I suggested we make egg noodles the way I remember my mother making them before she got her fancy noodle-cutter machine from Germany. The machine was a “big deal” because it was manufactured in Germany, was made of steel and copper, and was costly.  Mom’s brother, George Hoffman bought it for her.  

I loved to watch my mother make her dough, roll it out on a thick bed of flour, and then place it on a dishtowel to dry.  When it was dry enough, she rolled it up like a jellyroll, made slices, unraveled them, and then placed them straight onto the floured dishtowel. 

My daughter watched curiously as I went about the task of making noodles from scratch.  When I made the comment, “My slices are too thick” and “Oh, this is harder than I thought”, Michelle said, “I thought you said you did this before.”  

“Did I say that?  I meant to say that this is something I watched my mother do.”

The noodles weren’t picture perfect.  They were fat and uneven; not like Mom’s, fine and delicate ones. However, they were tasty and my grandsons had seconds.  One had thirds and ate the rest of the butterglace.  I call that success.  

The recipe I used:
4 eggs
3 3/4 cup flour
sprinkle water on hands and work the dough until soft and pliable

Good luck!