Thursday, September 29, 2011

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU

If you ever have the  opportunity to travel to Fargo, North Dakota, be sure to visit the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at North Dakota State University.  Michael Miller, Director and Bibliographer, is knowledgeable, helpful, and a delightful person.  He and his staff will enthusiastically assist you with your pursuits.

“Foodways” of the Germans from Russia is one of my many passions.  The Heritage Center has a large collection of old cookbooks, and a room with cookbooks for sale.  I purchased several having to do with Volga German recipes, and I couldn’t resist the “Schmeckfest” DVD.  Other items available for sale at the center are: books, maps, video tapes, DVD’s, and cassette tapes.

 Before entering the rooms containing research archives and special collections, l enjoyed studying the display boards and large photos of textiles.  I learned about weaving and how patterns represented different regions.  This photo is a weaving done by Christina Heagel who came to America in 1916 from Norka Colony, Volga region. 

We concluded out visit of Fargo by stopping at Hornbachers Foods.  It turned out that Jay “Surrey” Gage, Textiles and Exhibits Curator at the Heritage Center, also works  at Hornbacher's .  He assisted us in selecting some traditional German-Russian sausages.  The recipes are those of Lonnie Peringer who has been making sausage for 40 years. 
After two fun days in Fargo, with our freezer packed full of sausages, we headed down the road.  Our next stop was to be a visit to Gwen Cowherd in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.