Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter

When is Easter?  It is the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring? 
Easter to me is when I sit with the memories of my German Russian mother who made certain requests of me during holy week.  It was a solemn time for her and she expected our home to take on the quietness of a monastery.  I remember how we ate simple meals during the week.  During my teenage years, she demanded I not run around with my friends.  On Good Friday there was no way I would attend the dance at the park pavilion.  The deep respect I had for her kept me home.

Growing up, I always knew Easter meant more to my mother than Christmas.  I never knew why.  Perhaps it was her deep religious beliefs.   Maybe it was something from her childhood.  Could it be that her mother always had a basket of candy for her when she was a child, like she always had for my brother and me?  She would hide the baskets behind our console radio in the living room, or behind an overstuffed chair, or under a table.  Her eyes sparkled as she said “Let’s go see if the Easter Rabbit brought you something.”

We found our baskets piled high with yellow marshmallow chicks and colorful candy eggs, the ones with the white sugary centers.  And there would be a few of the hard boiled eggs we colored the day before.    

Yes, Easter season was important to my mother.  We had to attend church Palm Sunday (Palmsonntog),  and Good Friday (Karfreitog) was to be a solemn day as well as the Saturday before Easter (Ostern).  After church, Mom prepared a delicious meal, usually a big juicy ham, and then we got to eat the candy in our baskets.  

Easter blessings to all of you and may you have sweet memories from your childhood.